How we go about doing our work

The building of a website is a process to understand the story that the customer wants to tell about their company, their product, and their service.

WHWD works with each client to gather their story and present it in their website.  It is a process to understand your business and to build a trusting relationship with all those who visit the site.

Here are the steps 

  • Questions

    What do you need from your website?

    What are the goals the website should achieve for you? 

    You need to have goals for the site, and be ready to define them.

  • Sitemap

    The sitemap will show you the basic presentation of how your website will look.  It is a list of all of the pages that your site will contain in a hierarchical format.

  • Prototype

    This will be an early representation of what the website will look like.  It is a tool to show what it will contain and how everything will fit together.

  • Design

    The design phase will allow us to work together to determine colors that we want to use on the site to tell the story that you want to tell on your site.

  • Delivery

    In the final phase the website is put together, tested to make sure everything works, and installed on server for hosting.

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